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Roundball Classic Coming Up Monday!

Ok, now that the Big Dance has terminated, it's time to get on with All-Star
games and recruiting stuff! As far as All-Star stuff goes, Raleigh
is hosting, for the first time, the Sonny Vaccaro Roundball Classic
We are glad it's here for two reasons: 1) a chance for Duhon mania to grow, and
2) Sonny Vaccaro is willing to admit that that the recruiting scene, with the
attendant AAU and shoe nonsense, is sleazy.

Duhon we're enjoying a great deal. Like a lot of Duke kids - have you noticed
this? - he has a strong family. It's a tradition now - the Hills, the Laettners,
the Langdons, Mrs. Carrawell, Mrs. Brand, Doug Collins - the parents sometimes
become as much a part of the program as the kids themselves. This will likely be
the case with Vivian Harper, Chris's mom, who is quite redoubtable, thank you
very much, and a formidable woman by any definition. Chris is currently the most
advanced testament to her devotion.

Anyway, between everything, we're excited this game is in town and we
encourage you to go. It should be a lot of fun. It's Monday night at the ESA at