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The Hewitt Era Begins

Paul Hewitt says that his style is
basically the same style that Florida plays,
meaning that the ACC now has
three pressing teams - Maryland, though they backed off of it this season, UVa,
and Tech. This is an interesting contrast to other schools - UNC has been
a halfcourt zone team lately, Wake is, relatively speaking a plodding team,
State focuses on rugged halfcourt D, and Duke of course runs but on the
defensive end presses some but also focuses on haflcourt D. The league
gets faster!

A small but telling detail - at the bottom of this article, Tony Akins says
he's excited, meaning, we presume, he's decided not to bolt Tech.

For his part, Hewitt immediately
hit the road to round up some players
. It's late, of course, but he has been
out pounding the bricks for Siena for a while anyway, and may have come across
some talent which was over his head but under Tech's radar. And among the
press he
has made a good impression in at least some quarters.