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More Loco Lobos & An Interesting Tidbit

Kevin Henry
has announced he'll be leaving New Mexico,
making a total of 9 players to
bail out on Fran Fraschilla. That's pretty resounding.

Some of the players who left had harsh words for Fraschilla, but not Henry, who
was diplomatic
. Fraschilla participated in the press conference.
Here's another link, about a parent whose kid left UNM earlier, and who
now would like some apologies from the media and some fans.

In a related story of perhaps more immediate interest to Duke fans, an Albuquerque
high school star, 6-9 Alvin Broussard, may have turned down UNM, understandable
perhaps in light of the current turmoil. He has apparently been contacted
by Duke, Tulsa, and Georgetown, among others. He has a 3.8 GPA.