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Thank You For An Amazing Month!

CBS apparently has had problems with the number of eyeballs they had viewing the tournament, but that hasn't been a problem here at DBR. Anyone who has followed the counter on the front page knows that our traffic has skyrocketed. Last month, we had 7,500,000 hits on the site with over 5,500,000 pages served. That's staggering. It represents a jump of 25% over February.

Really, though, it is all thanks to you, our readers. It's been a great year.

postscript - Vilcom had a press release for
record month last month
- 4,000,000 impressions and record days over 200,00.
Not bad for a site with major corporate mullah. We're just three putzes having
fun, but we're at least holding our own, and we don't even have an office, much
less a secretary. Give us their resources and see what happens!