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Just An Observation

This is no big deal, but just an observation: supposedly Myron Piggie steered
JaRon Rush away from Kansas. We assume he would have to persuade JaRon to go
along with that idea, correct?

It's probably no big deal but we just remembered the exchange between JaRon
and Roy when JaRon said, "Roy subs too much for me," to which Roy said, "I've heard it sometimes said that it takes an act of God to change something. This is a lot stronger than
that," to which Jaron responded: "It was a shock to me when he said they were no longer going to recruit me."

If Piggie were trying to steer JaRon away from Kansas, presumably with money,
as has been alleged, surely JaRon would not be shocked if Kansas dropped him.
Are we missing something obvious here? It is pretty early in the morning and we
might be overlooking a mental rollerskate on the floor of the brain, but
something doesn't quite add up there.