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A Traditionalist Approach To Bob Knight From A Surprising Source

another take on Indiana basketball Coach Bob Knight,
this time from a
native-born Hoosier who now works for
He argues that while Knight is an "angry, vulgar, violent creep,"
that's not the reason he should resign. It's not the chair toss, or the guy he
shoved in the trash can, or Puerto Rico, or yanking his team off the floor
against the Russians, or the toilet paper, or the allegations of Neil Reed or
Richard Mandeville or Ricky Calloway or anything else. It's because he's not
winning enough:

"No doubt Knight, who despises the press, enjoyed the brief exchange, content he had gotten in the last word. But the final word actually came the next night when his Hoosier team, looking drained, demoralized and ill-prepared, limped through the loss to
Pepperdine...That's the real reason why it's time for Knight to show some Hoosier pride and resign."

It's interesting that even at Salon, a website consistent about being on the
left whenever humanly possible - even there, bizarre remnants of the macho world
Knight comes from are accepted, but losing - to Pepperdine - is an unforgivable

Bob Knight has done a lot of things which might have gotten him fired, but
losing a game isn't on that list. But that's still what's most likely to
end his career.