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Nature's Version Of The Blue-Footed Boobie

Airball! Airball!

There used to be a bumper sticker in the Triangle which read "If God is
not a Tarheel, why is the sky Carolina Blue?

Well someone is responsible for these feet, too, and Duke fans will likely
enjoy the name of the bird: the Blue-footed
Here's a brief description of their mating ritual:

"The blue-footed booby is the most common of the three species of booby present on the
[Galapagos] archipelago. Their mating ritual is highly organized and quite comic. 

"The male raises each of his blue feet one by one in a slow and deliberate stepping motion, then pointing his beak toward the sky he spreads his
wings and whistles. Meanwhile, the female buries her beak in her plumage!

Hmmm..maybe it's just us, but sounds an awful lot like Franklin Street on a
Saturday night, right down to the blue feet, or in the human's case, shoes. The beak tipping is accounted for by beer (on Franklin Street, not the Galapagos).

Actually, the bird in this photo bears an uncanny resemblance to Rich
Yonakor getting ready for a jump ball, right down to the feet size and that
they are so close together. Even the arms (well, wings) remind us the guy whose nickname, after all, was Chick.