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Duke Freshman Chen - On To The Next Level!

Duke freshman James Albert Chen, who has been studying medicine, has
decided to give up his college experience and go straight to the top.

"I'm going to miss the rest of my undergraduate career and medical
school of course," he told his hometown paper, "but I have definitely
learned how to wield a scalpel in my advanced biology class, and my frog work
and rat work is second to none. I feel I am ready for the next

When asked if he truly felt prepared for the top, Chen said,
"while I know the other guys in whatever hospital I end up working will
have more 'scalpel time' than I do, James Chen has to do what's right for
James Chen. I definitely feel I can make the leap to the next level. My skills
aren't being fully utilized as an undergrad."

When asked what he still has to work on, Chen said, "anatomy,
chemistry, organic chemistry, mathematical skills...but my beside manner is
lethal from the parking lot. Well, maybe that's the wrong word to use," he
joked. Chen also said he would ask whichever hospital drafted him to provide him
with "a few cadavers so I can work on my cuts, stitches, and clamps."

With regards to his PT in the OR, Chen said, "James Chen has a lot
of offer any OR team, and I expect to keep learning. In fact, I plan to finish
my degree between operations. Bottom line is James Chen is ready for the next
level and James Chen doesn't want to waste time in college when he could be
making some serious mullah on the open market."

His professors had no comment on Chen's decision.