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FITS Flits By The Courthouse!

FITS is delighted to note that Terrence "The Handle" Newby and Ed "CBA" Cota managed to avert criminal penalties by apologizing for an attack in which they say they did not participate, and by paying $3450 for injuries they say they did not inflict. How generous! FITS suggests they consult incoming math whiz Jason Parker to see if the payments are tax deductible!

Oh, and FITS strongly urges the UNC athletic department to make sure Eddie and Terry have read the apology note they "wrote." FITS
wouldn't want the blue boobies to be embarrassed by another Makhtar "I didn't write any apology" Ndiaye situation!

p.s. FITS sends his sincerest sympathies to the victims, whose thoughts of biting into some of Ed's first round NBA money must have vanished faster than Max Owens' playing time......hey Jason, what's 10% of $200 a week?