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NCAA Approves Major Changes

The NCAA board of directors has approved
a number of changes which will affect basketball.

Here's some of what they're doing:

  • Summer recruiting will be eliminated in 2002
  • A D-1 basketball issues committee will be formed, which goes a way towards
    what Coach K has advocated, namely a group or leader to deal with basketball
  • freshmen basketball players, both men & women, can start school
    in summer school before their freshman year as long as they take at least
    six hours (prediction: this is ripe for abuse, as some schools will pad GPAs
    in the summer with basketweaving, etc)
  • No more than five scholarships a year and no more than eight every two
  • anyone who tries to influence a game for gamblers is banned permanently in
    all college sports.
  • anyone caught betting on college or pro sports loses a year of eligibility