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UNC Students May Move Down Front

Tee Pruitt, who as head of the Carolina Athletic Association, a student group
at UNC which deals with the athletic department on behalf of the student body,
has been pushing for reforms in student seating in the Dean Dome -
and may get what he's after.
AD Dick Baddour is looking at putting in
risers, which would put the students close to the court, where they belong. A
generation of fans have grown up since Carmichael was replaced and don't know
that it was one of the great pits in the ACC and have forgotten that playing at
UNC used to be a frightening experience. It won't be the same, but if the
students are moved closer, the Dean Dome will be a vastly improved experience,
and maybe, just maybe, the bluehairs and caneshakers will have to scream
"down in front!" from time to time, which would be a good thing.