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Curse Strikes Again, Harvey To Enter NBA Draft

Donnell Harvey, who wasn't even a starter this year and who aside from
rebounding has marginal skills for a college player (what can he do? Shoot? No.
Pass? Not particularly well. Recognize complex defensive structures and
adjust accordingly? Possibly, but unlikely.) much less NBA level skills,
is ready to take his game to "the next level."
He's leaving open
the possiblity of coming back to school should he fall to "the third
round" of a 2 round draft, according to a source close to Donnell.

Can he deal with Karl Malone in isolation? No. Anthony Mason? No.
Garnett? Not a prayer. Step outside and hit a 15 footer over Vin Baker?

Austin Croshere will eat his lunch. He's a one trick pony at this point, but
the insanity of early entry and the fear of missing a real player