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How To Be A Dukie, Continued

Here are some early responses to our request for advice on future Dukies. 
Thanks you guys!


Tips on how to be a Cameron Crazie:

1)Fully understand (and this may take up until your first game) that you are
now a member of the team, a vital component whose prescense and voice is
just as necessary as one of our guys on the floor. 

2)Lose any and all restraint about yourself on game day

3)Be prepared to enjoy the comforts of abandoning your nice warm bed on East
campus for the cold, hard ground...(Hey, these guys put themselves on the
line to play hoops for you, you can do the same for them)

4)Do your homework (this means researching every fault of the opposing
team's players...find a way to get into their head)

5)Walk through Cameron by yourself with no one else around in the middle of
the day....(you'll know what I mean when you do it)

6)Don't get complacent (I don't care if we are 28-0, go to EVERY GAME and
DON'T LET UP!!!!) Like I said, you are a member of this team.

7)Fully understand that it is a privlege to watch Duke hoops...Not a right

8)Get to know your fellow tenters in K-ville...After all, these are your
partners in chaos

9)Remember this important point: Dick Vitale:GOOD, Billy Packer:BAD....Treat
them as such

10)Remember that there are thousands upon thousands of people who would
might give their first born kid to be sitting in your seat.

Tips on how to be a Duke basketball player:

1)Take advantage of Cameron:three words HOME COURT ADVANTAGE

2)Check out the jerseys hanging in Cameron...Each of you has a great chance
to have yours hanging up there, but it takes four years of hard work and

3)Any time you need a confidence booster:check the guys at DBR...They'll
always look out for you.

4)Take advantage of the academic support systems at Duke. (As a former Duke
athlete, I know how long seasons run and you will depend upon these guys to
help you make the grade..They'll be your best resource)

5)You've got the greatest coach in the history of the game as your teacher,
mentor, and friend. Listen to him. He's seen it and done it all
6)Go meet the "Crazy Towel Guy"

7)Don't talk to anyone whose last name is a farm animal...(Besides, the only
Piggie I know in literary terms was in Lord of the Flies, and he got a
boulder dropped on his head)

8)Take Intro to Jazz-Paul Jeffrey is the man
9)The Cosmic Cantina on Ninth Street has some incredible food late night...

10)Fully understand the tradition and respect that comes with the Duke
uniform...You have a lot of people that will look out for you, but by the
same token, there are gonna be a lot of people who want a piece of you come
game time.

Duke Class of 1999
Washington D.C.



Being a Dukie is being able to walk up to the athletes, who would normally
play the part of demi-god on other campuses, and shoot the bull. I've
gotten hammered with Danny Ferry (not in season, of course), had cars towed
by Public Safety with Anthony Dilweg, ate lunch with Mark Alarie and Jay
Bilas in the CI, and played pickup in Card with Jay, Mark, David Henderson,
and Johnny Dawkins (who still holds "world's quickest human" honors in my
book). These people, and many others, may be world class athletes and on
national TV every week, but by and and large, they're a heck of a bunch of
guys and gals. Don't be intimidated, they probably hate that. Talk to

Being a Dukie means looking out for the next generation of Dukies. Host a
P-Frosh. Be an FAC. Don't laugh too loud when Freshmen run for the bus.
Don't run for the bus. Smile broadly at the tour groups from Admissions,
the parent's will get worried and the kids will love it. Don't brag about
your SATs, someone in your class probably got 1600, and they don't brag.

After the required Freshman mental adjustment period, enjoy the hell out of
your four years. Go to swim meets and volleyball games, crew races and
fencing matches. These guys are phenomenal athletes, too, just without the
coverage from ESPN. Take advantage of your professors' office hours and ask
them what they like about their jobs, and how they got there. You can hear
some fascinating stories. They are professors at Duke for a reason. Know
that Bonk is God. When it comes time to choose between cramming for a huge
test or attending some social event, don't immediately dismiss the idea of
blowing off studying. It can be good for the soul in moderation.

Keep reading DBR.

Bill Donnelly



Expect nothing and enjoy the hell out of it as it happens.

One of the beauties of the "communal animal" is that it renews itself every
year with fresh blood.

Matt Johnson
Banc of America Advisors, Inc.



That he needs to check the DBR about 6 times a day to stay on top of what's
going on!

That Brunswick stew and bar b. que, and hush puppies are three of life's
major food groups.

That the best place in the world to watch a sporting event is in the indoor

That the people you meet at Duke will be your friends for life.

Burton L. Bruggeman