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More On Maggette/Piggie

The Chicago Sun-Times has an article up on Corey Maggette and Myron Piggie, with
much more specific information about what allegedly happened,
and very
politely suggesting that Maggette is a liar. Maggette, who won't be charged with
anything, has been instructed by his attorney not to talk to anyone.

They also say that the investigation may widen and believe that "[t]his kind of scandal wasn't supposed to involve a kid such as
Maggette, a good student from a good school in the suburbs with a strong
middle-class family. But basketball officials say that might be evidence of how widespread such payments
are," and goes on to say that the feds are interested in cleaning this up,
which may mean more players and AAU coaches are caught in this web.

Some of you who have read here for a while will remember that we predicted,
after seeing a huge amount of sleaze evident at a summer event, that tax evasion
would become an issue for someone in AAU circles. Piggie's indictment and
the nasty surprises exposed, particularly about Maggette, are unpleasant, but
better to clean it up than to ignore it.