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Latest To Go - Michael Redd

One more out the door - this time Michael
Redd of Ohio State
. Like a lot of guys going early, Redd is a bit
delusional on some points, saying, for instance, that
"Ball handling wasn't an issue. It's not that big a deal. The negative thing is
shooting. They want me to be more consistent on that. But nobody's a great shooter going into the draft. You have to work on that."

The reason no one is a great shooter going into the draft is because no one
has worked on their shooting enough, which is why the NBA offenses, outside of
dunks, are pretty lame and the lack of fundamentals is a big part of the reason
why the NBA is on the verge of potentially serious trouble: athletes who are
offered insane amounts of money for jobs they are not qualified to do.

Ohio State loses an excellent backourt, Scooney Penn who leaves as a senior,
and Redd, leaving a huge void to fill.