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The New Line Monitor Wants To Hear From You!

Norm Bradley sent us this and we're happy to pass it on. Drop him a line with your

Hi guys. I'm going to be the Head Line Monitor next year, which means I
have to write the tenting policy over the summer. I'm trying to gather as
many opinions as possible so I can make a policy that fits everybody's
needs and interests.

I'd appreciate it if you could post my name and e-mail address ( on the main page and announce that I'm looking for
feedback and opinions on Krzyzewskiville and the line monitoring system.
I've contacted many undergraduates about the policy, but I'd love to hear
what graduate students, faculty, alums and friends of the program have
to say. Clearly, your site is the best access point to Cameron Crazies
young and old.

Thanks for your help.