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Ugly Piggie Article

Dan Wetzel has a harsh article up on Myron
Piggie and the whole situation surrounding his AAU team,
including the fact
that Kansas booster Tom Grant paid a private investigator to investigate Piggie
and, according to Wetzel, use a wiretap. Maybe he is using the wrong
terminology, and maybe Grant just taped the conversation, which is legal in some
states, including NC. We thought wiretapping required a warrant. If it is
a wiretap, it's hard to see how that evidence could stand up in court.

With regards to the NCAA, of course, it doesn't have to stand up in court to
be a factor. They have never operated on the legal theory of innocent
until proven guilty. There are things here about Piggie's team - and Duke's
reputation - which are not pleasant. Wetzel is, as he has done for some time,
going after the shoe companies, and points out, probably rightly, that the next
Myron Piggies are probably out there now.

Sitting home, no doubt feeling wise, is Dave Odom, who made the decision some
time ago not to deal with AAU teams.

Wetzel is correct about the problem of money influencing the game, but it's
not as if shoe companies are the sole party doing so. For instance,
is, we understand, also throwing money at schools to get their cut of the pie.
Reportedly they want to broadcast practices and the like and are signing schools
up. They also have plans to broadcast from famous playgrounds in America,
meaning they will probably have to pay for the privilege, and also will run the
risk of dealing with amateur athletes, whatever is left of that phrase, and will
likely further contribute to the corruption of the game.