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More On How Not To Name Your Children

After we pased on that bit about the guy who named his kid after ESPN, we got
a great letter from a Reverend talking about other cases and this link to a Star
Wars fan, who, in our opinion, is
totally whacked out.

Ok, here's the note from the good Reverend who wrote us:

Regarding how to not name your children,

I know, for a fact, that one lady named her child Female. She said she saw the name on her child's identification band in the hospital, and thought it was the perfect name (she pronounces it: Fuh-molly, since that is how she pronounced the "name" that was placed on the ID band).

Another woman named her child Epinephrine; heard that said in the maternity area, liked the "name" she heard, and named her child accordingly.

Seriously, again, another woman named her child Placenta; liked the sound of it.

As a minister, I swear these are true. Nurses in hospitals have shown me the records.