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Liberto Update!

Matera has an update on Liberto Tetimadingar,
who is traveling in a big way
and auditioning, in essence, at several schools, most recently Fordham and
Memphis, where John Calipari is trying to put together an excellent late class. Liberto
has apparently been dismissed from Worcester Academy, which you would think
might cause a problem with his desire to get into college, but his French
diploma (if he finished high school there) might suffice. Actually a seventh

Also, Wake is out but Tech may be in.

Interestingly, he seems to have picked up Quotin' Bob's passion for emphasis
punctuation, to wit:

  • Memphis for another official visit.
  • "At some point in his travels, Liberto will need to commit to a school just so they can help him find a place to live," said our source.
  • Paul Hewitt and the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.
  • "nomad"
  • "Liberto's Travels"