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An Evil Twin?

This was pointed out on the bulletin board and is pretty funny to think

Mike DeCourcy, pre-UNC Florida...

It has been years since there were so few openings for Division I coaches. If some
fans of Wisconsin and North Carolina had their way, there would have been two more
vacancies...Instead, they'll be among those enjoying their teams' pursuit of the NCAA championship this
weekend at the RCA Dome.

Think we'll learn anything from this?

It is all a bit too much, and nothing could make that point more clearly than
the results of this year's tournament. Dick Bennett is still busy. So is Bill
Guthridge. They must be doing their jobs well enough if they still have work to

Mike DeCourcy, post-UNC Florida..

Perhaps we should be kind, respectful of a final four loser. But it's hard.

It is hard not to gasp when you see what we saw. It is hard to stay silent.

As difficult as it still is to explain how North Carolina reached the Final Four after such a dismal regular season, it is not hard to explain why it's hard to explain.

Coach Bill Guthridge remains a mystery to anyone who has watched this game for more than a few years. We are not in the habit of bashing coaches for individual game performances, because it's simply overdone. Nor are we suggesting Florida would not have discovered a way to triumph over the Tar Heels in the Final Four. The Gators have beaten three teams in this tournament that have won a combined seven NCAA championships. They are not here by accident.

Guthridge just makes it impossible, though, to turn and walk quietly from the RCA Dome and allow the Gators and Spartans to celebrate their Saturday victories and plan for their Monday