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FITS Stops Off In Indy!

FITS hadn't planned on attending the Final Four this year, but the Ram's
Club was offering one of those Tar Heel special packages (One night hotel stay, Saturday games only!) which have proved to be so successful
during the past decade.

And FITS got to see so many of his favorite Heels in action, from Sluggo (now with visions of jumping to the NBA where his penchant for
underachieving would FIT right in.....question: when the big guy goes looking for his first NBA jewelry, does anyone know where he can pick up
a gold dunce cap?) to Thuggo (FITS note to Julius Peppers: given your cheap shot per game habit, why not whack the other guy when the ref's
not looking? Oh, and you might want to pick up a rule book, too..) to young Joe Forte
(FITS remembers getting into a slapping contest like Joe did yesterday, though
FITS was only four years old at the time!).

And the primary FITS question: now that the Peace and Love run to the Final Four has run its course, after precisely how many early losses
next year will it be before The Gentle Geriatric's "fans" turn on him once again?

FITS advice to Neil "Big Glacier" Fingleton: if you leave for Chapel Hill right this minute, you might get there by August orientation!
(Wouldn't want to miss Ed Cota's popular Punt the Freshman seminar!)