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Duke Sends Info On Piggie Case To The NCAA

Duke has sent
the NCAA information pertinent to the Myron Piggie case
. Piggie, to recount,
is in jail without bail, charged with defrauding four schools by paying high
school players who were on his AAU team, among various other charges.

Jane Jankowski of the NCAA told  the Kansas City Star that "[w]e will have to determine if Duke, in fact, had an ineligible player in the NCAA Tournament. And, if so, what monies would have to be returned for use of an ineligible player."

Duke Vice President John Burness says that Duke isn't anticipating any
problems.  As far as it's been discussed, Piggie allegedly gave Maggette
money before he signed with Duke.  Since Duke has been named as a defrauded
party in the case (and by definition sitting with the prosecution one would
presume), it's hard to see what problems could arise, though as Jankowski said,
they may be required to pay back money from the 99 tournament, and until the NCAA looks at the information sent over, it's hard to know much.

So stay tuned.