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Some Recruiting Notes

Brick Oettinger has a great review of various
All-Star events up.
He is very high on Brian Morrison, and we felt better
about our opinion of Brian Boddicker after reading his faint praise.

The N&O has an
article up about the incoming ACC freshmen,
and Bob Gibbons says that he
thinks that Jason Parker and Caron Butler will have the biggest impact of any
freshmen next year, which leads us to suspect that we truly haven't seen Parker
play well yet. It also brings up the question of who will suffer, playing time
wise, and it's likely to be Kris Lang, of course, meaning that both senior Max
Owens and junior Kris Lang will have been passed over for freshmen during their

Incidentally, we understand that Liberto Tetimandingar is at Fordham this weekend.