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Hewitt Moving Quick?

Don't look now, but Tech
is trying to muscle in on Liberto Tetimandingar
. Apparently the kid really
likes Paul Hewitt.  There's a bit of news on some of their other recruiting
efforts also, and word on Adam Boone and Jason Parker, both UNC bound.  We
got e-mail from a UNC fan who wasn't happy because we hadn't said good things
about Parker.  There's a reason for that - we've seen him two or three
times now, and maybe it was a coincidence, but when we've seen him, he wasn't
very impressive.  Other people have been very impressed - Caron Butler said this, according to Zeke Martin: "I will give Jason Parker this compliment, in that if UNC would have had him in the NCAA Tournament they would have
won it all" - and one knowledgeable friend thinks he'll push Kris Lang to the bench in fairly short order. We should also mention that Zeke wrote probably the best review of the ACC-USA Classic we've seen.

We don't doubt any of the people who have seen him play well.  We
haven't seen him much, but all we can tell you is what we saw, and it wasn't
that great.  But clearly he has made strong impressions in other quarters.

We have only seen Morrison play once, and we were very taken with him. He's
springy, he's smart, and he's a team player.