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Good Knight, Bad Knight

Here are two more articles about Knight, one friendly and one not. The
friendly one talks about
how great Knight would be to have in a foxhole,
but of course college
basketball is not war, with the possible exception of a particularly intense
Duke-UNC game. Incoming! Wait, that would be Cole Field House, where little wars
break out in the stands. The writer also says that he suspects it's the
beginning of the end for Knight, though he finds it sad, and agrees with the
21st century consensus that Knight has to at least get up to speed with the 20th
century to survive.

The other article suggests that Knight
wants to be fired
so that his legacy will be one of integrity done in by
weasely bureaucrats, but that a more appropriate outcome would be to let him
twist in the mediocre twilight of his career. Love him or hate him, there's no
arguing that the Knight of the 90's is not the Knight of the 80's, much less the