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More On Piggie

Rush is ruminating over what happened with Myron Piggie,
and to his credit,
he realizes that he had been kidding himself, that he knew taking money could
cause trouble and was wrong. So out of the four players involved, JaRon Rush is kind of
bagging it and not talking about it, Andre Williams worked to actively
investigate Piggie, and Corey Maggette said he "didn't know anything
about it" before going off to church - despite the fact that he had

Out of all these kids, Kareem is coming off the smartest, and Andre Williams,
as a columnist said, at least tried to do the right thing. When the trial
comes up - and it will, since Piggie has pleaded innocent to charges which could
put him in jail for the rest of his life, barring parole - we'll see exactly
what everyone knew and didn't knew. But at least Kareem is thinking.

We keep saying that adults are failing kids in basketball, not universally,
but enough to truly cause damage. We're
glad to see someone else pick up the theme.
Both of these links are
from the Kansas City Star, and both are a few days old.