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Some Draft Notes

Caulton Tudor has an interesting article about the upcoming draft and
the glut of point/small guards.
Here's who's available:

  • Ed Cota
  • Scoonie Penn
  • Khalid El-Amin
  • Erick Barkley
  • Mateen Cleaves
  • Peppi Sanchez
  • Matt Santangelo
  • Eddie House
  • A.J. Guyton
  • Jason Hart

No way all those guys are first round draft picks, particularly if you figure
that Kenyon Martin, Chris Carrawell, Mike Miller, Quentin Richardson, possibly
Jerome Moiso, Brian Cardinal, Lavor Postell, Axell Dench, Morris
Peterson, Courtney Alexander, Marcus Fizer, Demarr Johnson, Joel
Przbilla, Etan Thomas, among others, are also available.

Chances are excellent that you'll get to tune in to draft night and see one
or more of these guys crying, as we have seen the last couple of drafts, because
they realized, too late, that they had overestimated their market value.