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Three Days, Three Revelations

Three days, three Minnesota stories, three onion skins peeled back to see
just what the truth is about what happened during the Haskin years.

Story 1, on 4/14: Minnesota threatens to sue Clem Haskins
for misleading investigators.

Story 2, on 4/15: federal investigators subpoenaed
university officials to appear before a grand jury next week.

Story 3 on 4/16: The Star Tribune of Minneapolis asked for information about
the scandal under a Minnesota state law and found that the University,
specifically President Mark Yudof, knew
well in advance that Haskins was aware of "academic misconduct, and
knew months ahead.

Here's the
Star Tribune's article.

We'll be fascinated to see the results of the Grand Jury, if indictments in
fact are handed down.

Just to run down the current scandals:

  • A criminal investigation at Michigan with an alleged gambler at the center
    of things, who is suspected of giving cash to Michigan players, though point
    shaving is not at issue
  • A criminal investigation at Minnesota, as detailed above
  • The indictment of Myron Piggie for allegedly paying off Jaron Rush, Kareem
    Rush, Andre Williams, and Corey Maggette.

Other issues:

  • the looming court date for Ed Cota and Terrence Newby
  • the various allegations against Bob Knight
  • the situation at St. John's

Not a pretty summer for college hoops. All that's missing is a point shaving
scandal, and if the money is flowing through AAU ball as it appears to be doing,
there's no doubt it will grease the skids for point shaving.