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Some Recruiting Notes

Dave Telep has some comments on Alvin Broussard,
who is in for a recruiting visit this week.
If he ended up at Duke he
would be the second New Mexico player, with Taymon Domzalski being the first.

Though a few days ago it looked like John Toombs was going to sign with Nova
and be done with it - and he still might -
Paul Hewitt has persuaded him to at least visit Tech.
He had considered
Tech previously but with the coaching situation formerly in limbo, he couldn't
really take Tech seriously.

In other recruiting news, Travon
Bryant is trying hard to get Roy's attention,
and may actually call him to
get it, but he hasn't heard from KU lately. He's
still interested, a
nd also still looking at Mizzou and Cal.

Frankly, we hope Cal is out, because this would be the first man to man
recruiting war between Roy and Quin, and that would be most interesting.