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Carter On Knight

Here's the excerpt from Butch Carter's new book, and, as suggested in the
promo notes,
it is indeed explosive.
Here are his comments on why
he decided to put this section in his book.
To be fair, there's no question
that Carter doesn't like Knight and would be happy if he were through.

Aside from suggesting that Knight used the N word, apparently slurring Isiah
Thomas (who denies it), Carter also says that he came into the locker room after
talking to (apparently) Quinn Buckner about his personal issues and immediately
talked to the team about the conversation, saying that if his kids listened to
him more carefully, they wouldn't have to deal with such problems.

Is the book truthful? Time will tell, perhaps. All we can say is this - any
time a publisher is concerned about a book having legal issues, it is carefully
reviewed by the publisher's lawyers. Apparently the lawyers are satisfied that
libel isn't possible, but of course that doesn't mean that it's absolutely true,
either. It certainly isn't going to help Knight to have Carter turn on him