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The FBI Speaks On NC Cybercrime

The FBI sent some G-Men to the annual forum of the N.C. Electronics and Information Technologies
Association to urge that
NC businesses help track down and stop cyber crime.

"We need your help in identifying the problem," agent Chris Swecker said. "We need to know what's out there on the cyber-street, so to speak."

He goes on to discuss precisely the way this site was attacked. But
when we were attacked, and we contacted the FBI, we didn't hear back from them
for weeks and weeks, and it was pretty clear that it wasn't exactly a priority.
We don't expect the FBI to make our little site a priority, but we are a
business, and we were hit with precisely the same attack as these other sites
were, and we did everything they're asking our fellow businesses to do, but to,
as far as we can tell, little avail. We'd like to think they cared, but
it's hard to see any evidence that they do. If our experience is at all
typical, there's not much point in trying unless you are big enough to make the
news when your site is hacked.