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More On Knight

reactions from the Knight imbroglio continue
, with the latest revelation
being that former assistant Ron Felling leaked the tape, calling it "his
trump card." The University is referring to it as "stolen
property," which it is, and wants it back, which is pointless since it's on
the internet and all over TV now. And since it's worth 3 dollars, max, and was
destined to be taped over, it really is kind of meaningless in that sense.

As you probably know, a lot of people saw the tape and dismissed it, but it
apparently worried Knight
because his son, and assistant, Patrick said
"[w]hen my dad found out that Felling had that tape, he told the
(university) president to go get it."

Apparently Felling made it known that he had the tape a month ago.

That leads us to a couple of logical deductions: 1) Knight knew exactly what
was on the tape and was concerned about it; 2) Knight was worried enough to
"[tell] the (university) president to go get it," and 3) Knight
was less than honest when he said "he couldn't remember." Of course he
could remember. He had been told by IU associate athletics director Steve
Downing that Felling had the tape and would go public with it, and was surely
told what Felling said was on the tape For a guy who prides himself on
honesty, that's not exactly his shining moment.