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This Piggie Ain't Headed to Market

Myron Piggie, the controversial AAU coach, has been indicted in a scheme to defraud four schools, including Duke. The Federal grand jury's indictment alleges that Piggie made cash payments to five high school players, including former Duke player Corey Maggette, in exchange for later compensation from NBA contracts or endorsement deals. The charges include conspiracy, mail fraud, wire fraud, and failure to file income tax returns, among others. Those of you who have read here for a long time may remember that we said a couple of years ago that the phrases AAU and tax fraud would soon be coupled.

The other schools alleged to have been defrauded in addition to Duke were Missouri, Oklahoma State, and UCLA, as well as each school's respective conferences. In addition to Maggette, the other players who were involved according to the indictment were JaRon Rush (now headed to the NBA), Kareem Rush, Andre Williams, and Korleone Young.

As more develops on this story - as it surely will, we'll post further articles.