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Some UNC News

Old news by now, but in case you missed it, Brendan Haywood
is definitely coming back
, meaning he has the chance to join Shammond
Williams, Terrence Newby and Ed Cota as the only guys to go to three Final
Fours and never win a game. He announced his decision at the UNC banquet
last night.

In other UNC news, Art Chansky, who seemed to be building a case
for shaking up the basketball program before the surprise run to the Final Four
(he adjusted admirably, you must admit), has now resumed
his original tack.
Sort of anyway. He is concerned that UNC has been picked
#1 preseason - it's ludicrous to pick next season now, but the Charlotte
Observer was apparently up to the task - and that being picked high and
finishing low is a "vicious cycle."