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Will State Press Like The Gators?

NC State fans were frustrated this season, but since Herb Sendek and Billy
Donovan both served under Pitino, and both learned the same lessons, might
the Herbster be ready to play a Florida-esque game?
Possibly. Certainly the
depth is there now. The perimeter pressure is going to be intense between
Grundy, Crawford, Marshall Williams, Scooter Sherrill, if he qualifies,
and Damien Wilkins. The other recruits will also help. State will go 10
deep, just like the Gators, and is promising to press, just like the Gators.
Will they win just like the Gators? Maybe. They were pretty hot this past
season until injuries got in the way. They started winning again as soon
as Kelly recovered. With Tech and State both promising to play that style,
and Maryland a traditional pressing, scrappy team, and UVa a pressing team also,
it should be a lot of fun in the ACC.