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More On Hewitt

a very flattering look at Paul Hewitt
from Dave Wetzel, who has known him
for several years, and he makes some really good points about young Hewitt and
why Atlanta is such a great place for him to be, and why putting  top-notch
recruiter in Hotlanta, more specifically Georgia, is a great match.  Here
are some guys off the top of our head who came from either Georgia or from a
short drive away who he would have gone after had he been there:

  • Jumaine Jones
  • Sharif Abdur-Rahim
  • Donnell Harvey
  • Rolando Howell
  • Casey Sanders
  • Vince Carter

That's off the top, but there's a ton more, and then there's South Carolina,
North Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, and Virginia isn't too far away, either.

Aside from all that, the guy has an impeccable reputation. At least one of
the guys who was being mentioned as an earlier candidate has a reputation as
being a cheater, so Tech clearly made the right choice in that regard, and if
Wetzel is correct, they made very nearly a perfect choice.