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DeCourcy & UNC Fans Mix It Up!

Tieguy posted this beauty on the bulletin board - Mike
DeCourcy and UNC fans slugging it out over Gut and Cota in the Final Four.

DeCourcy says that "we'll never know" how UNC would have done had they
taken Cota out after his fourth foul, which just shows how little attention he
paid to UNC. Had he watched the Duke-UNC game, where Cota got cut, he would have
known how dependent UNC was on Cota.  One letter writer is absolutely right
- leaving Cota in, even if he was playing more passive defense than he usually
did, let Florida pull away, but taking him out would have meant instant
blowout.  A pressing team would destroy UNC without Cota, as pressing teams
did all season.

Any time a writer starts out "let me tell you what a coach does" -
well, let's just say we get the warm fuzzies for Bob Knight press conferences when we read that.