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More On Goodman

We got some cranky e-mail from a reader who thought that Tamir Goodman's
Co-MVP award for the Capital Classic was undeserved and "political",
and pointed to the fact that he only scored one basket as proof, and said that
other players had better stats.

Stats are really the least of basketball. We watched Mike Dunleavy completely
dominate Southern Cal earlier this year and hardly score a first half point.

This is from the Post: "...there was little chance the local all-stars
would have won without Goodman and [Michael] Sweetney."

His coach said Goodman "was really responsible for our fourth quarter

O' Neill has a piece up on Tamir's game
which is also worth reading. 
Tamir has taken a lot of junk over the last few months, and his coach said he
was responsible for the win. Political? Not in our book. Sounds like he earned it to us.