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Two Columns On UNC's Season & Gut Says He's Having Fun

Pressure is building in Chapel Hill. No one is stringing Guthridge up in
effigy yet, but Alfred "The Butler" Hamilton
is painting a scene of gloom over the NCAAs,
and Adam Lucas is so
depressed he's
fantasizing about nuking the entire city of Durham off the face of the map

Quick, someone tell Phil Ford's church they are in the Mad Bomber's sites.

In the face of all this criticism, Coach Gut has
stepped up and said he's coming back
But other than a Cremins
situation, how many guys say, "yeah, you're right, this sucks, I suck, my
team sucks, I'm out of here" - not too many. We're not saying
anything about Gut's future -that's his job, and frankly we hope he stays
because he's a good man and a gentleman and his record is really not exactly

But much like Battier being put on the spot by Brad Daugherty, why should
Guthridge let a reporter dictate the terms of any announcement? He said he's
staying, and we respect that But if he weren't staying, do you think he
would just blurt it out? Whenever Gut decides to go, he'll get the full
treatment from UNC.