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Battier - I'm Staying

Shane Battier has announced he's returning next
, like that's a surprise to anyone except Brad Daugherty. Shane
said when Daugherty asked him the question after the UNC game, he was trying to be cordial and not be too
demonstrative. But I came to the conclusion that it is better to be

Further endearing himself to Duke fans, Battier said that “I don’t know if there is such a thing as ready for the
NBA. I don’t think most college seniors are ready for the NBA, in terms of the mental and physical aspects that go along with it. I want to be prepared as well as I can, and by coming back next year, I know I will be.”

He also talked of his brother, Jeremy, who will play football at Duke next
year, saying that “I’m excited to have my brother here next here, [so] I can show him the ropes a little bit and make sure his head doesn’t get too

We feel fairly safe in speaking for all Duke fans when we say that while this
is the first time that the traditional chant of "one more kid" on
Senior Day has been granted, and early to boot, that we couldn't be more happy
to have four more years of Battiers. What great news.