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More On The Big Game

After Duke's big win last night, Sylvia Hatchell said, "maybe I
shouldn't say this," which is usually a sign that you know you're about
to be dumb, and Sylvia, who we usually like, went ahead and said this: "Missy is a great shooter, and maybe I shouldn't say
this. I don't think she's pleased with how much she's played. She's showing something she hadn't showed in her career in terms of her shooting. She's going out in style and fashion."

She should have gone with her instinct. Missy has had a tough time with
injuries in her career. Nonetheless, she's been there every day and has never
given up or walked away. Maybe there was some sort of magnetic disturbance
from that suit Hatchell on. She should probably look down her own roster
for problems before commenting on someone else's.

Steve Garland sent us this little ditty about the game, with, as he said,
apologies to Franklin P. Adams:

These are the gladdest of possible words
"Rice to Schweitzer to Mat"
Trio of Devils and fleeter than birds
"Rice to Schweitzer to Mat"
Ruthlessly pricking the TarHeel team's bubble,
Completing the passes to score the double,
Words that brought Hatchell nothing but trouble -
"Rice to Schweitzer to Mat"

If you're still tingling over the win,
Janee Hayes will be online to chat today at noon,
and Hilary Howard will
be on at one.