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ACC Roundup

The Wolfpack really
stuck it to FSU in Tally yesterday
, finally breaking
a devastating losing streak.
They held Ron Hale scoreless and
completely ruined whatever hopes the crowd of 4700 had for
Senior Day.

Sad day for the
'Noles, of course,
but more talent is on the way. We have admired Steve
Robinson since Duke played Tulsa, and nothing has changed our mind about his
strategic abilities. His team will look different with the two athletic
freshmen coming in next season.

FSU was playing for fifth place and blew that, of course, and so now the
table is set for Charlotte.
Is the tourney what it used to be?
Yes and no. There's not the
pressure there once was to win it, though this year, there is, as Wake, State,
and possibly UNC have to win some games, if not the entire tourney, to get in.
You could probably make an argument that FSU is in that list as well. Speaking
of the tournament, here's
some preliminary discussion from the N&R.
Also, here's
a UNC-centric breakdown