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Let The Firings Commence!

With the tournament on us, firings are commencing left and right.  Bob
who did a great job at Illinois State, didn't do a great job at
Western Michigan, so he's gone, off into the bowels of the athletic department
for some other assignment.

At Eastern Michigan, Milton
Barnes expects to get canned today,
an unfortunate victim of the Duke Curse:
after losing Ben Braun to Cal, Barnes tunred in a 5-20 last season and 15-13
this year. Not good enough!

At Hartford,
Paul Brazeau resigned
after a 10-19 season.

And at UMass, Bruiser Flynt is on thin ice and may get canned. The rumor mill
is talking up Buzz Peterson, but Buzz turned down S.W. Missouri because he likes
this part of the country.  Would he like Rust-Belt New England any better?
Hard to see it.