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Tourney Speculation!

Unless we miss our guess, or misread something,here's the current lineup for the ACC Tournament.


Thursday, March 9

  •  #7 FSU vs.  #8  Tech ESPN 7:00
  •  #1 Duke vs.  # 9 Clemson RJ 9:00

    Friday, March 10
  •  #4 UNC vs. #5  Wake Forest RJ/ESPN noon
  •  #2 Md  vs. winner 7/8 RJ/ESPN 2:00
  • #3  UVa vs. Seed #6 NCSU RJ/ESPN2 7:00

Saturday, March 11

  • 4/5 winner vs. 1/9 winner RJ/ESPN 1:30

  • 3/6 winner vs. game 4 win RJ/ESPN 4:00

Sunday, March 12

  • Championship Game RJ/ESPN 1:00


After what State did to FSU, we would expect Tech to win their first
game.  We would expect Duke to win as well.  UNC-Wake is a tossup at
this point.  UNC has played poorly down the stretch, barely beating FSU,
being handled by Maryland, defeating a weak Tech in overtime - on senior day no
less - and then of course losing to Duke.

Wake had a 3 game losing streak to UVa, Davidson, and FSU, but since then
seem to have gathered themselves somewhat.  They beat Clemson, lost
to  UNC, beat State, lost to Duke & Maryland, then beat Tech and UVa. 
Moving Ervin Murray to the point seems to have helped a lot. And lest we forget,
Robert O' Kelley had one of the all-time worst performances in the ACC
Tournament last year. We might forget, but he hasn't.  Look for him to try
to redeem himself. this go-round.

Now here's where it gets interesting. Maryland will get, we think,
Tech.  Tech did beat them once and Maryland has, at times, a fragile
psyche.  Could Tech pull it off?

And then UV and State - both want a win to make an NCAA argument. State will
need more. The way they are playing in Tallahassee underscores their
urgency.  They had a week off to get ready; they'll have another week off
to get ready again.  We'll take State, though we feel somewhat like Charlie
Brown trying to kick the football.

That's as far on a limb as we'll go, and we reserve the right to change our
minds right up til game time!