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FITSTER With A Tar Heel Special!

Your aerial ambassador of ill-will spent a most pleasant afternoon in
the rafters of Cameron Indoor Stadium watching the Orange County Maulers
succumb once again to Duke's heroic Blue Devils.

Among the most interesting of the overheard conversations was the one
among several Tarheel fans who were trying to predict if Coach Gut's
imminent egress would be via golden parachute or wooden catapult.

got the dizzy spins watching one of those network flashbacks of
Dean Smith stalking the sidelines in the days of old, wearing a
staggeringly hideous pastel blue blazer. FITS swears he's seen someone
looking just like that playing the accordion in the Poughkeepsie Ramada

For a team with lofty Final Four aspirations entering the season, FITS
is delighted to hear the Heels reduced to reminding everyone how they've
finished "at least third in the league" for the past umpteen seasons.
The felicitous fly heard a great exchange between a Tarheel father and
son following the Virginia win over Maryland Saturday night:

Dad: "Well, at least we've finished third or better in the league every
year since the Checkers speech."

Son: "If that's true, Dad, why are we playing in the 4 vs. 5 game on

Dad: "Shut up and get in the car."

A FITS question for viewers of the game: was that a zone defense the
Heels were playing, or were they posing for a team picture much of the

sincerely regrets missing an appearance by the celebrated UNC "blue
team," though he surmises that Terence Newby hasn't had so much fun on
the loose since he won that Punt, Pass and Kick contest on Halloween!