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ACC Roundup

The Packer controversy continues to grow. It has now been reported on from
Coast to Coast, having been reported on San Francisco TV and
now in the Baltimore Sun as well.
It's not quite at a Jimmy The Greek
level, but nonetheless, it's bad publicity at a bad time with the tourney coming
up soon.

Also in the Sun, of course, an account of yesterday's UVa-Md. game. We missed
all but the last four seconds of overtime, and sounds like we missed a lot,
including Adam Hall hitting Nicholas Drew in the face. Gary
says he thinks UVa is in,
and who can argue? They should be. Michael Wilbon
has an interesting article about
their odds in the tourney.

But we also misssed the other violent outburst of the day, when
Alvin Jones kicked a Clemson player
. Already having one technical, he spent
the rest of Bobby Cremins' last home game observing from the bench. Everywhere
he goes lately people show up in blue suits, gold ties, and, quite often,
wigs. After the game,
his players gave him an autographed ball,
and Jason Floyd told his coach he
loved him. No truth to the rumor that Alvin Jones kicked it across the
room to him.

For those of you going to the ACC, we sincerely hope that, whatever happens
with Tech, he gets one last big day from ACC fans.

Needless to say, Larry Shyatt didn't go into this one with any illusions. If
it wasn't clear before it is now that Bobby Cremins is perhaps the most loved
ACC coach, possibly of all time. The only real rivals would be Everett Case and
Valvano, but V wasn't nearly as loved before he got sick. Who else is even
liked? Look at this list of ACC guys. They're all hated by a significant number
of people.

  • Dean Smith. God inside of Chapel Hill, universally despised outside of it.
  • Coach K. We love him. No one else can stand him. Like Smith, though, they
    fear him.
  • Gary Williams. Even his sweat is fodder.
  • Terry Holland. A bit sanctimonious.
  • Les Robinson. Well everyone liked Les but part of the reason was because
    he always helped you get in the NCAAs.
  • Valvano. A funny guy, but having Washburn & Shackleford on his team
    caused deep reservations.
  • Cliff Ellis. That beach music thing was ridiculous.
  • Lefty. Good comic relief, but likeable? Not until he was announcing.
  • Dave Odom Barney Fife with a deeper voice.
  • Rick Barnes. Hated in Chapel Hill like Dean Smith was hated outside of
    Chapel Hill
  • Norm Sloan. So tense he apparently called Bobby Cremins a son of a bitch -
    in an airport!
  • Frank McGuire. The only ACC head coach, as far as we know, to ever get
    slugged in the nuts during a game (Art Heyman did the honors)