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A Cool Survey For You To Take

Jonathan Levav, who is a Fuqua student, has designed a survey about - well,
here's what he said.

I'm a PhD student at the Fuqua School of Business. I'm working on a
project about judgment and prediction, and I've put together a 12-15 minute
survey about the upcoming ACC
The survey is on the web, it's interactive, and involves
no gambling or anything crazy (most importantly, it's been approved by Duke's
human subjects committee). It's completely anonymous, and the data will be
used for research purposes ONLY. We (i.e., me and the prof that I work
with, Craig Fox in the managment dept.) are offering several $100 cash prizes
that will be distributed at random to participants. We've run the same
kind of survey before on NFL fans, and it was quite successful. This time
we'll have a fairly limited timeframe to run the survey because the ACC tourney
starts on the 9th, and we will need all of our responses in before then.

Why not give him a hand? Some of you will win a hundred bucks for your time,
and the survey is kind of cool Be forwewarned - it opens new windows on a
regular basis.

Anyway, here it is, so why not help a fellow Dukie out? And besides, it's
pretty cool.