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EPA - Krzyzewskiville Out Of Bounds, Must Go

In a unbelievable and absolutely horrid display of bureaucratic arrogance and meddling, the
Environmental Protection Agency has issued a "cease-and-desist" order to Duke University, which basically, from
what we understand, will shut down Krzyzewskiville as we know it. The EPA is alleging groundwater contamination and wetlands violations. 

Duke may resort to legal appeals, but that process is extremely
lengthy and costly and, according to the University's legal counsel, unlikely to be successful given the broad administrative powers of the EPA. Moreover, the "cease-and-desist" order is effective throughout
the appeals process.

According to the local radio report, Duke is preparing a response, but it is believed, that at least temporarily for next season, Krzyzewskiville will be moved into the Sheffield Tennis Center, or if that's not
possible, then the corridors and perhaps workout rooms of the new Wilson Center. A friend of ours who is a Duke grad and works at the EPA facility in Research Triangle Park sent us the file of the letter.
Unfortunately, she didn't send it in html format nor do we have a scanner readily available. If you have Microsoft Word, however,
you should be able to download it here. 
If you can't, we are posting the letter as a text document also.

We are working hard to find out more information on this and when we do of
course we'll pass it on to you as soon as possible.