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Fizer Set To Jump

Marcus Fizer is
apparently going to announce for the NBA. 
He's the second defection
from the ISU program - signee Ernest Brown, currently at a JC, is also coming

Ernest Brown is probably nuts, but as Larry Eustachy points out, Marcus Fizer
has a family to support, and though we are pretty consistent about valuing
education, families have to be fed.

So who has decided so far? Let's see...

  • Fizer
  • Brown
  • Erick Barkley
  • DerMarr Johnson
  • Michael Redd?
  • Mike Miller (Mike Sullivan is reporting that he's decided to leave)


Guys who are staying:

  • Battier
  • Loren Woods
  • Terence Morris
  • Michael Wright


This is an incomplete list, so whoever we missed, let us know and we'll add
him in.