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More On Duhon In Boston

Here are some moreimpressions from last night's McDonald's game at the fleet center, this time from Donald Allison. Thanks Donald!

We had some great seats on the floor of the Fleet Center to watch the
McDonalds' game last evening. Watching Chris Duhon play hoop gets me
excited about fall when he will be paired with Jason. He was playing
with a smile and having fun setting up other players. Chris made some
of the sweetest passes of the game. He is very quick but doesn't rush
things. He was great in transition, almost invariably the first person
down the floor. His effort was not rewarded in the offensive transition
as the ball was usually dribbled up the floor. We didn't see him get
set up for any 3 pointers but I guess he had already won that
competition. Defense outside the paint was pretty minimal but Chris
intercepted several passes as well as hauling in a couple defensive
rebounds. He is going to be a great addition to the team.

After the game, the McDonald's cheerleaders had surrounded Chris seeking
autographs. A man and woman outfitted in Duke attire stood nearby the
impromptu signing session. As the couple stood there they must have
noticed my kids standing on the opposite sideline in similar Duke garb
and watching for Chris. The woman walked across the court to borrow my
kids' program and the gentleman returned with it signed by Chris. My
kids were thrilled.

Chris will be a great addition to Duke and so will his folks.